Best Beatle Songs

by category

Best Bass

Nowhere Man    Hey Bulldog

Honorable Mention:

With a Little Help From My Friends      Something

Drive My Car    Paperback Writer     Rain

Best harmonies

She Loves You        I Want to Hold Your Hand

If I Fell                     Nowhere Man

Baby’s in Black        Norwegian Wood

Two of Us                Because

Honorable mention:

This Boy      Yes It Is

and the entire Rubber Soul album

Most raucous vocals

Twist and Shout (Lennon)      Long Tall Sally (McCartney)

Rock'n'roll  Music (Lennon)    Dizzy Miss Lizzie (Lennon)

Bad Boy (Lennon)                  I’m Down (McCartney)

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide…  (Lennon)

Helter Skelter (McCartney)

Oh! Darling (McCartney)     I’ve Got a Feeling (McCartney)

Most Underrated Song

Hey Bulldog

Most poignant songs

Eleanor Rigby                      Let It Be

Yesterday                            For No One

She’s Leaving Home            We Can Work It Out

In My Life                            While My Guitar Gently Weeps

All My Loving                       Things We Said Today


Most poetic song

Across the Universe

Songs benefiting most from the Lennon-McCartney collaboration

I Want To Hold Your Hand          She Loves You

We Can Work It Out                    Drive My Car

In My Life                                    Strawberry Fields Forever

A Day in the Life                         Hey Bulldog

Songs benefiting most from the Harrison/McCartney collaboration

While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Here Comes the Sun

Songs benefiting most from the Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr collaboration

Come Together


Wackiest songs

I Am the Walrus              Yellow Submarine

Lady Madonna                Rocky Raccoon
Bungalow Bill                  Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?

Wild Honey Pie               Octopus Garden

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Most psychedelic songs

Strawberry Fields Forever

I Am the Walrus

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Most hypnotic song

I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Best dance songs

I Saw Her Standing There

Twist and Shout

Back in the USSR

Most philosophical

Nowhere Man               Strawberry Fields

In My Live                     Help!

Within You Without You

Most Upbeat

She Loves You                I want To Hold Your Hand

Penny Lane                     Lady Madonna

Back in the USSR           Ob la di, Ob la da

Good Day Sunshine     With a Little Help From My Friends

Best Story line

Drive My Car
Norwegian Wood

Lovely Rita

Worst Song

Mr Moonlight (no close second)

Most Country-like

I’ve Just Seen a Face

(+ countless covers)

Best unreleased song

That Means a Lot

Song most liked by critics and cognoscenti….and disliked by everyone else

Tomorrow Never Knows